Types Of Wood For Butcher Block Kitchen Table

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Butcher Block Kitchen Table Design

Butcher block kitchen table offerssimple look into your kitchen, which will be very good in kitchen for good table functioning for many activities in nice square shape. Decide the type of wood for butcher block kitchen table is more than just an aesthetic decision. Different woods have different effects on knife blades. The way your table with butcher block is constructed also affects how it interacts with cutlery.

The first thing to decide is the color and tone of the wood that you will use on your table. The wood colors range from pale to dark beech mahogany, with many colors and textures in between. The color is mostly a matter of design and tone based on your choice you can select the hardness and building style for functional.

The next thing to decide is the hardness of the wood for butcher block kitchen table. Hardwoods will not wear out with use of the knife on the same level as softer woods. Walnut has a Jana hardness of 1,010. Red Oak has a hardness of 1,290; white oak, a hardness of 1,360. The hardness of your wood could affect the entire structure you choose for butcher block kitchen table. In general, there are three ways to build your table: Grain face, using the grain on the face of the wood as a cutting surface; grain of the shore, with the grain of the edge of a table.

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