How To Refinish Wood Furniture

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How to refinish wood furniture. Wood furniture is perfect when completed appropriately.


How to refinish wood furniture? Select a generally ventilated work zone far from open flares. A carport or outside functions admirably. Tape some daily paper or a substantial disposable fabric on the work zone floor.

2.Uproot drawers, entryways, mirrors and any equipment. Place them aside. Clean the furniture pieces with oil cleanser.

3.Rub off any detached varnish. On the off chance that the piece is elaborate (cut or itemized), utilize a wire brush. Utilize a delicate here and there and then here again movement, set with the grain to abstain from harming the wood.

4.Apply stripper to regions where restoring is vital, utilizing a disposable brush. Abandon it on for the measure of time demonstrated on the stripper.

5.Sand as important to make a smooth surface before staining. Clean zone and supplant drop fabric and/or daily paper.

6.Apply the stain. Give it a chance to set for the measure of time detailed on the stain. Wipe away with the fabric and let it dry.

7.Apply sealer/varnish to stained wood. In the event that numerous varnish layers are going to be connected, let undertaking dry in the middle of layers.

8.How to refinish wood furniture finished with reattach fittings and mirrors.

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