How To Refinish A Wood Table An Old And Chairs Bentwood

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How To Refinish A Wood Table Easy Step

Here we will discuss with you about the easy ideas of how to refinish a wood table, this will be the helpful interesting way to finish a decorative wood table. Finish refers to the theft of a surface finish on wood furniture refinishing, either wood stain or paint. How to refinish a wood table old furniture can give new life and a different look. Refinishing a table and bentwood chairs antique requires a little knowledge and very few tools. How to Refinish a Wood Table can be performed in a few hours.

  1. Sand the surface of the table and chairs with the orbital sander to remove the existing finish.
  2. Use a sanding sponge to get into the cracks and crevices of the chairs and the parts of the table to make sure all the existing finish has been removed.
  3. Clean table and chairs with a soft cloth to remove dust and debris.
  4. Use the brush or cloth to apply a coat of varnish or paint to the table and chairs.
  5. Let dry for about an hour. Then add a second layer of paint.
  6. Let dry for an hour.
  7. Apply two coats of polyurethane. Use a brush to cover the entire surface of the chairs and table. How to refinish a wood table is easy step.
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How to refinish a wood table

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