How To Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding

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Refinishing How To Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding

How to paint wood furniture without sanding is the interesting idea you need to think carefully because it will give you some tips on how to paint a wood furniture smartly. Prepare the wood for painting can seem a frustrating process, especially if you follow every step recommended by paint manufacturers and experts in arrangements of home. Although the council can ensure that the painted surface to last, not always accounts all the time and energy to devote to a project of painting. Although sanding a shiny surface can help the base and paint adhere, you can skip this step when painting most of the furniture.


Find a place to work where adequate ventilation. Alcohol and alkyd varnish strong odors emanating.

Remove all furniture accessories such as straps slump or door handles. Clean the cabinet to remove dirt, dust and oils

How to paint wood furniture without sanding? Follow manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. Always expect the minimum recommended time before applying the next coat of paint to prevent cracking or wrinkling.

Wash brushes with turpentine and some denatured alcohol. Remove brushes with mineral turpentine.

Most alcohol and turpentine can be painted over with latex paint, but first you might want to put a coat of oil-based paint to last longer.

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Apply two coats of paint completely, even coverage.

How to paint wood furniture without sanding? Wash brushes and finishing dry it.

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