How To Distress Kitchen Cabinets Paint

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How To Distress Kitchen Cabinets

How to distress kitchen cabinets – Distressed cabinets superbly supplement certain decor, for example, nation, natural or shabby-chic. Painting bothered cabinets is shockingly simple, and can change a room totally.


How to distress kitchen cabinets? Leave scratches or gouges in the cabinets, as they will add to the distressed appearance. Further pain their appearance by rubbing the edges of the entryways and racks with a white wax flame. This will keep paint from holding fast to it when you paint over the cabinets, making the edges look worn. For a crackle paint occupation, blend two sections white art paste, (for example, Elmer’s Glue) with one section water, and brush it onto the cabinets before painting.

Paint the cabinets with a your decision of inside latex paint utilizing a brush to provide for it that antiquated paint employment look. Don’t be excessively concerned if brush strokes show, as this will add to the appeal.

Permit avenues to strive for 24 hours. You can extend the upset look now by sanding spots with a substantial grain sandpaper to peel off a portion of the paint, or by hitting it with an anchor or rock to make scratches and scratches.

Reattach the equipment and hang the entryways back onto how to distress kitchen cabinets.

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