Exclusive Pallet Custom Wood Table Tops For Sale

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Old Custom Wood Table Tops

Custom Wood Table Tops should be selected as well as possible based on its good design and best deal in its price that will be fascinating. This product is unique and handmade. If you enjoy the Nordic style and vintage-inspired furniture, you cannot miss the opportunity to own a piece like this. This table is 100% handmade from recycled pallet wood. Finishing and final color will depend on each manufacturing, each table is different. They are made by hand, very carefully, with natural wood finish (although I painted matte for a better finish) and very sturdy.

The custom wood table tops are recycled and thus have a natural aged wood giving a very special appearance.

A very special, perfect for any Nordic décor, minimalist, Provencal, industrial, table etc.

1. Reference: D1

2. Dimensions: 107 x 60 x 47 cm.

3. Comments: handmade custom wood table tops. Each table has a different finish (color, shape and size will be similar to photo). The table is made to order by hand. Delivery time is estimated at one month.

4. Color: natural wood depends on the wood used in the actual construction of your table.

5. Price: € 500 (shipping NOT included)

6. Transport costs:  Valencia city and surroundings: FREE, Peninsula: € 55 (approximately), other destinations available.

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You want to buy vintage, decorate the living room, buy the original table, buy a handmade table, and have a unique / one table, Nordic style, buying rustic furniture, rustic table, and farmhouse.

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