Design Mid Century Modern Furniture Legs From Chippendale

Mid Century Modern Furniture Legs Beautiful

The Mid Century Modern Furniture Legs are made ​​in the Chippendale style popularized by the English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale in 1700. The first designer who published a book of his designs, “The Gentleman and Cabinetmaker’s Director” in 1754. Chippendale did not invent the style that bears his name, a fusion of flowery, Asian and French Rococo Gothic style. Instead, Mid Century Modern Furniture Legs style codified and extended the trend among the richest in Europe and colonial America.


The stylish furniture Chippendale combines elements of other styles of ornamental furniture to embellish each piece. The most striking feature of Chippendale pieces were deeply carved Mid Century Modern Furniture Legs and detailed with elaborate complex reasons. These forged legs were made ​​in a “cabriolet”, which curved to the distinctive foot, which often seemed the paw of a lion or an eagle claw.

Chinese Chippendale

The Chinese Chippendale furniture became popular in the late 19th century oriental decoration became fashionable in Mid Century Modern Furniture Legs. The Chinese Chippendale pieces were designed in the traditional Chippendale style, with motifs taken from Asia, like the lotus flower, replacing the previous topics carving. The pieces were often painted or lacquered, then partly glassy.