Advantages And Disadvantages Of Counter Height Kitchen Tables

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Counter Height Kitchen Tables Gallery

Adding counter height kitchen tables for your kitchen will be the good idea to be interesting and work best for its look while functioning. Although traditional standard height tables are more common, counter height kitchen tables are especially useful in places with small kitchens and modern furnishings.


The counter height kitchen tables typically ranging from 35 to 36 inches high. Although counter height tables are usually the same size than typical, give an illusion of less space. Some models are used to save particular place and that have leaves that allow folding into smaller units or expand them to accommodate more guests.


With regular height tables, children who sit in high chairs stand out above the others sitting at the table. With a high table, children with these chairs are on par with adults and other children. This makes them feel better, but also helps to engage in more activities in the evenings.


The counter height kitchen tables to accommodate guests high, but those with back problems may find these tables and uncomfortable chairs. Regular height tables allow you to touch the ground, while counter height tables no.

Style and Design

The counter height tables are not as common as regular height furniture stores. Therefore, you will find a limited number of styles and designs in every design store you visit. When buying a wood color or a particular style of table such as French style.

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