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Piss & Vinegar, The Third Trainwreck

adam guerino, trannika rex, ali clatyon, puterbaugh sisterz, joseph william reese, dina nina martinez, meredith kachel

Future Trannika Rex has wheeled back in time to warn you not to go to Piss & Vinegar, Wednesday February 11th.

We just never learn. Whatever you do, don’t suffer the third episode of Piss & Vinegar Comedy Wednesday February 11th at Berlin Nightclub, 9pm. Thank us later.

Co-hosted by bros Adam Guerino and Trannika Rex featuring The Puterbaugh Sisterz, Ali Clayton, Joseph William Reese and Dina Nina Martinez.

Followed by the DJ stylings of Teen Witch til 4 am.

Save yourselves. Piss & Vinegar Comedy, Wednesday February 11th at Berlin Nightclub, 9pm.

adam guerino, trannika rex, kelsie huff

Photo from our favorite onlooker at our last garbage heap, Kelsie Huff.

Piss & Vinegar Comedy Show

adam guerino, trannika rexUp for a night of dignified, family-friendly comedy? Too bad.

Wednesday December 10th at 9pm offers up the first helping of the sordid and scathing new comedy show Piss & Vinegar hosted by creators Adam Guerino* and Trannika Rex**.

piss and vinegar comedy showWith the hilarimazing Candy “Comedy” Lawrence! Years ago, Lawrence began her stand-up comedy career at Berlin Bar & Grille and she returns for one of her last shows in Chicago before becoming AN INTERGALACTIC CYBORG BOUNTY HUNTER!

Featuring the fabulous Puterbaugh Sisters, sass siren Natalie Jose, professional male stripper Mike Lebovitz and white girl historian Joseph William Reese.

12/10/14, 9pm. $5 Cover. $2 PBR. No apologies. Berlin Nightclub 954 W Belmont.

*Real Housewives of Iowa
**How To Catch A Predator

Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies: Season 2: The Challengers

Chicago, gay

Last season, out of ten competitors, only three survived/placed at the Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies. On May 22nd, the 3 champions have to defend their honor against three new challengers. Former winners Joel Kim Booster, Caitlin Bergh and Homer Marrs enter into mortal combat with each other and new contenders Archer Coe, Rhea Butcher and The Puterbaugh Sisterz.

Let’s meet the challengers! First up, Rhea Butcher!
queer comedy at zanies
When did you first get involved in comedy?

My mom used to regularly rent the comedy special “Women of the Night” from my local video store, Roadrunner Video, when I was about 6. We would also watch “Stand Up Spotlight” pretty every week. As for doing stand up, I started actually doing it in August of 2011 at Cole’s open mic.

Who are your favorite comics and why?

My favorite comic is Paul F. Tompkins. His comedy is smart, insightful and just the right amount of self deprecating. He also pulls off being pompous in such a sincere way.

How would you describe your stand up?

A mix of stories and jokes; I talk about how fun and weird it is to be a boy/girl in a world that doesn’t really want you to be both.

What made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest at Zanies?

I wanted to push myself to the next level with my comedy and the contest is a perfect next step with Zanies being one of the top comedy clubs in Chicago.

And in this corner, Archer Coe!

queer comedy at zaniesHow did you get involved in comedy?

Got involved in comedy when I was an altar boy and would crack the priest up in the middle of mass. Altar boy was the only job I’ve been fired from.

Who are your favorite performers and why?

Adam Guerino is my favorite comic because he is so funny and has gotten all of my good bookings so far.

How would you describe your comedy?

I would describe my stand up like awkward love making while your grandparents watch and critique your every move.

What made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest?

Just cuz!

What’s this? Another challenger enters the ring… and they’re sisters! Behold, The Puterbaugh Sisterz! queer comedy at zanies

How did you get involved in comedy?

All my life in Chicago 4 years ago.

Who are your favorite performers and why?

My sister cuz were in an act together. I also admire anyone doing there own thing. Being original and innovative while holding true to what they thinks funny.

How would you describe your comedy?

Experimental ridiculousness. Its like watching sister act two with two lauren hills.

What made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest?

I like being involved in comedy that contributes to the gay  lesbian and transgender community. I also like performing for that demographic of a crowd they tend to think our sister comedy is funnier than if we were to perform on a bro-case for lots of bros.

For more info on Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies, follow this link