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All Geeks: Pride

All Geeks Does Pride!

#AllGeeks, #AllGeeksPride

All Geeks cast courtesy Joe Lewis

On Friday June 26th, the All Geeks party celebrates gay pride by bringing the rainbow to life within the galactic spectrum of Green Lantern! Hosted by Green Lantern Adam Guerino and joined by White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo and Violet Lanterns with a cosplay variety show of drag, burlesque and circus from Fox E Kim, Joe Lewis, Dizzy Lizzy, Alexis Bevels, Rob Racine, William Ranallo, Electra Cute, Betti Kyle and Pangea.


#AllGeeksPride #AllGeeks

“Gay Lantern” courtesy http://www.chadsellcomics.com/

All Geeks is an all-inclusive series started by Outloud Chicago and Geeks Out in July 2014 as an all-inclusive cosplay party. No matter your gender, sexual orientation or ethnic background, all geeks are welcome.

Stop in before the show at 9 pm for Green Lantern face-paint masks courtesy Guardians of Make-up, Dan Rask and Aria Baci!

Come in costume and walk our cosplay runway for big prizes from Green Lantern signed art, action figures and gift certificates. Cosplay runway will be hosted by Joe Lewis and judged by Nyq Bonaventura (We Are Cosplay), Aria Baci (Geeks Out) and the reigning cosplay runway queen, Pangea!

All Geeks: Pride. Friday June 26th, 10p, Berlin Nightclub, 954 W Belmont. Includes an after party with Cosmix Fridays from  DJ Greg Haus til 4am!

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

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Photos courtesy Joe Lewis.

On Friday December 19th, 10pm, world’s collide with the geek-inclusive variety show Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, this show offers up Batman cosplay performances with a holiday twist featuring top talent in burlesque, drag, comedy, and live singing. Imagine a drag Poison Ivy doing “Santa Baby” for an amazing mix of nerds and you’re pretty much there.

Co-hosted by Adam Guerino and Keisha Howard featuring Dizzy Lizzy, Brett Mannes, Ben D Mann, Fox E Kim, The Vixen, Joe Lewis, Alexis Bevels, Peter Herman, and Andy McKernan.

Presented by the combined might of the gay geek social group Geeks Out, the female-centric tech, fashion, and gaming group Sugar Gamers, and the queer, live performance production effort Outloud Chicago. berlin nightclub, adam guerino, geeks out, sugar gamers, outloud chicago

Guests are invited to wear cosplay for reduced cover before midnight! If their costume is fantasy/sci fi (and not just a “Winter Is Coming” t-shirt) they’re in for $2 off before midnight! And if they’re feeling even more bold, they can walk the cosplay runway and win big prizes like a matching set of Batman pint glasses and Bat signal ice trays, a gift certificate from Chicago Comics  and free drinks!

The cosplay runway will be judged by celebrity judges Tim Seeley (writer of the best selling comic book “Grayson” and co-writer of “Batman Eternal,”) Chad Sell (artist extraordinaire known for RuPaul’s Drag Race art and independent comics,) and Brett Mannes (director of The pH Comedy Theater’s Assemblers series and former host of the Comic Book Queers podcast.)

outloud chicago, sugar gamers, geeks outTo capture the looks of performers and audience members like, we have our own Vicki Vale in the form of the talented photographer Marisa KM (MarisaKM.com.)

Follow the party with the hashtag #BatmanSmellsParty on twitter/instagram or join the event on facebook here: http://ow.ly/Fs6PZ

Friday December 19th, 10p, Berlin Nightclub, 954 W Belmont. Entrance is $7 and includes an after party with Cosmix: Electronica/Indie music with DJ Greg Haus til 4am!

Send Me A Dick Pic

adam guerino, tim seeley, chad sell, keisha howard, dick grayson, robin

Image courtesy Chad Sell

And by that of course we mean Dick Grayson the original Batman sidekick, Robin. The boy wonder is in trouble! And the only way to free him is to send us a Dick pic! That’s right, we’re looking for an original piece of Dick Grayson art that doesn’t include Dick’s piece (so get sexy but keep the bat in the belfry aka no nudity.) He’s trapped by Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery and the only way to free him is to send us a Dick pic!

We’re looking for a range of submissions from the most detailed renditions to the silliest of interpretations of the original boy wonder in any of his incarnations from Robin to Nightwing to Grayson. Just send a hi res image (72 dpi min. to 150 dpi max.) to outloudchicago@gmail.com by December 17th to enter to be eligible to win a copy of Grayson #1 signed by writer Tim Seeley, sealed Dick Grayson action figures and the thanks of all of Gotham. We’ll reply when we’ve received your e-package. *snicker*

Winner will be announced December 19th live at the variety show Jingle Bells, Batman Smells starting at 10pm presented by Geeks Out, Sugar Gamers, and Outloud Chicago at Berlin Nightclub 954 W Belmont, Chicago, IL and an assortment of submissions will be posted online the next day on GeeksOUT.org.

Judges will be Tim Seeley (writer of the best selling comic book “Grayson” and co-writer of “Batman Eternal”), Chad Sell (artist extraordinaire known for RuPaul’s Drag Race art and independent comics), and Keisha Howard (creator of the female-centric tech, fashion, and gaming group Sugar Gamers).

To submit, you are consenting the reposting of your artwork to GeeksOUT.org and any other websites that participate in covering the contest. Please include desired name (nicknames are fine, we won’t share your secret identity) and your full name and mailing address so we can ship you your prizes. Your full name and mailing address will not be posted. To receive your prizes, you must have a United States shipping address, (we’re sorry but shipping to Markovia just costs too darn much). Let’s have fun, make art, and share!

*Promo image courtesy Chad Sell.