Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies Tuesday October 25th

Queer Comedy Contest hosted by Adam Guerino!

Queer Comedy at Zanies, presented by OutLoud Chicago, aims to find safe spaces for queer audiences and safe stages for queer performers. The first show, in July of 2011, created a stage for queer comedy in the mainstream. While Zanies features experienced queer comedians, the established nature of the historic club makes it difficult to give stage-time to newer comedians. For queer comedians, there is a large divide between starting out and being featured. But, that’s about to change.

At the Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies on Tuesday October 25th,OutLoud Chicago is looking for queer comedians who are ready and willing for the next stage. Hosted by Queer Comedy at Zanies creator Adam Guerino, Zanies will enlist judges Nellie Huggins (regular contributor to Gaper’s Block, producer)Dave Odd (Edge Comedy Club creator/booker/producer) and Cynthia Levin (BET, Comedy Central, national headliner and personal stand-up comedy coach.)

The contest will feature eight comedians, each doing eight minute sets: Guerino will also be teaching audience classes and presenting awards for “most supportive hoot and hollerer,” “best heckler” and “best offended gasp trailed by nervous laughter.” At the end of the night, stand-up vet and judge Cynthia Levin will headline the show while the votes are tallied. The contest winners are decided based upon audience and judge vote.

Each contestant will receive professional, instant feedback after their set, as well as photos and video of their performance. The contest will feature three prizes: first, second and third place will receive a comedy workshop, publicity bootcamp and first prize will receive a paid feature spot in the next Queer Comedy at Zanies show, on Tuesday November 22nd and will be interviewed about their victory and awesomeness in Gaper’s Block.

Audience members and comedians  will see what it takes to get booked in the best rooms in the city. The contest will be held on Tuesday October 25th at 9:30pm at Zanies Comedy Club (1548 N Wells). Doors open at 9pm, tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door with 2 drink minimum.

Contestants include:

Blogger and novelist of “The Adventures of Sissy Van Dyke,” Sissy Van Dyke.

Veteran comedian, former member of “Hysterical Women” Julie Paradise.

Graduate of levels one and two of the comedy class “The Feminine Comique,” Caitlin Bergh.

Nightspot’s magazine columnist and former improv and sketch actor at Second City, Homer Marrs.

“New Colony” theater company stage actor, Joel Booster.

Writer and cast-member from “The Best Church of God,” Brian Henning.

Graduate from both Second city and iO, Jay Ryan.

Improviser and sketch comedy actress, Mollie Merkel.

Writer and cast-member of the sketch and improv group, “Just The Tip,” Bess McGeorge.

Creator and star of “Repeat Offender” at Hydrate nightclub, Amy Eisenberg.

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