OutLoud Chicago Presents… Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies!

Queer Comedy at Zanies, presented by OutLoud Chicago, aims to find safe spaces for queer audiences and safe stages for queer performers. In addition to Zanies, OutLoud Chicago has also brought queer music to The Hideout. Queer Comedy at Zanies’ first show, in July of 2011, created a stage for queer comedy in the mainstream. While Zanies features experienced queer comedians, they can’t feature those comedians who are just starting out. That’s about to change.
At the Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies on Tuesday October 25th, 9:30pm, OutLoud Chicago will be looking for  queer comedians who are ready and willing for the next stage. Hosted by OutLoud Chicago creator Adam Guerino, Zanies will enlist judges Nellie Huggins (regular contributor to Gaper’s Block as well as queer entertainment producer/booker,) Dave Odd (Edge Comedy Club creator/booker/producer) and Cynthia Levin (national stand-up headliner from NYC to LA, stand-up comedy coach.) Every contestant will receive professional, instant feedback after their set, as well as photos and video of their performance. The contest will feature three prizes: first, second and third place will receive a comedy workshop, publicity bootcamp and a paid feature spot in the next Queer Comedy at Zanies show, on Tuesday November 22nd. First place will be interviewed about their success and awesomeness in Gaper’s Block.

Want to enter? We want to focus on stand-up comedians (no improv, sketch per Zanies) that are hungry for the next level. This is how you show you’re ready for the next step, qualified contestants must send headshots and resume to OutLoudChicago@gmail.com. We’re less concerned about your professional background and more interested in helping you create one.

But wait, I don’t have headshots yet, I just started! We have a solution for you. As part of our mission, we want to HELP you get to the next level and can offer a discounted headshot photo shoot with other interested comedians. Consider it a groupon. With just $50, you can have a professional make-up artist and headshot photo shoot (about a $500 value.)

But I don’t have a comedy resume, do you want me to tell you how many Starbuck’s I’ve worked at? No, we want to see a comedy/talent resume, it does NOT have to be expansive with feature acts: your resume is demonstrative of where you are in your career–if you’re just starting out, have your resume reflect that. What’s worse than a skimpy resume is no resume at all. Here’s an easy sample for you to replicate:


Stand Up Comedian

Awesome street, awesome apt #

Chicago, IL

Awesome phone #

Awesome email address

Stand-Up Performance:

Cole’s Open Mic (2011 – Present)

  • 3 minutes, 100 person audience

Entertaining Julia (2011)

  • 10 minutes, 50 person audience

Edge Comedy Club (2010 – Present)

  • 8 minutes, 30 person audience

Gutter Mouth Open Mic (2010 – Present)

  • 3 minutes, 30 person audience


Second City Training Center (2011 – Present)

  • Level 1

DePaul Theater School (2009 – 2010)

  • Musical Theater

Winners are decided based upon audience and judge vote. Each audience members gives three votes, one for first place (worth three points,) one for second place (worth two points) and one for third place (worth one point.) Each judge will pick a first place (30 points,) second place (20 points) and third place (10 points.) We’re not going to tell you to tell everyone to come to the show and support you but you look like a bright comedian who can do math.

Feel free to inquire to respond to this email address with any questions you may have, and if you are interested in being considered for the show, well, submit your resume and headshot to OutLoudChicago@gmail.com! We will do our best to respond to every email, and if we don’t think you’re qualified, we’ll tell you why in a constructive, professional manner.

Deadline for submissions will be Tuesday October 4th, contestants will be chosen by Friday October 7th via email. If you don’t have a headshot but want to enter the photoshoot groupon we’re creating, explain so in the email. The photo shoot will be scheduled between the time contestants are chosen and the show. The contest will be held on Tuesday October 25th at 9:30pm at Zanies Comedy Club 1548 N Wells. Doors open at 10, tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door with a 2 drink minimum.

3 thoughts on “OutLoud Chicago Presents… Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies!

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  2. Stephanie Dykes

    I would like to be a contestant in the Queer Comedy Contest at Zanies on October 25. I need a head shot and help with a comedy resumte – it will be skimpy!
    I came in third place at a comedy contest back in March 2011 at SideTrack in Chicago and have done some open mic work, but this is all very new to me!
    Looking forward to hearing from you all,
    Stephanie (my last name really is) Dykes

  3. Archer Coe

    Hey Adam
    I am interested, though today is the deadline! What do I do? I have no headshot! let me know I’ll run around tomorrow and do whatever needs to be done.



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