I’ve featured movies and events in my blog before but I’m going to try and be more consistent about it. The section will be called “Happnings” and they’ll cover a mixture of live shows from music to theater, movies, festivals, books and whatever random happening I happen upon. Although not strictly based in Chicago, that’s where I hear about the most interesting things. If you’re interested in submitting something, send me an email at adam.guerino@gmail.com.

The Paper Machete is a live magazine. In other words, it has spoken word instead of text and covers everything current from politics to entertainment and hosts many featured comedians (including myself,) storytellers, and musical guests. And just last night, The Paper Machete was awarded the Chicago Reader BEST Comedy Variety Show.

The mixture of a spoken-word show and vaudeville revue gives Chicago a show that is not only incredibly smart but wildly entertaining.

The Paper Machete: A Party. is Saturday, June 25th 8pm-11pm.  There are going to be live performances and music from 8pm-10pm, and special guest for an opinion piece, Zach Wahls, followed by a DJ and dancing for some extra stress relief we all need for summer.  There is complimentary food and drink.

This is the first fundraiser for The Paper Machete and is for you and your adult friends and is an evening sure to be one of those nights you feel blessed to be donating your time and money to a good cause. A modest donation of $20 is asked for a night of complimentary food, drinks and amazing entertainment for a good cause. Also, I’m looking for a date, you interested? Check out more of the show at The Paper Machete.


5 lesbians Eating A Quiche-The New Colony theater company, which I have had the pleasure of seeing numerous previous productions from, has a new play written by Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood.  The show is directed by Sarah Gitenstein and is about to hit Chicago.  It’s based in 1956 and features the ladies of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertude Stein.  These crafty ladies are having their annual quiche breakfast and we aren’t sure if they will be able to stay calm when the atomic bombs start hailing their city. Watch the madness and see how graceful these ladies use their conflict resolution skills. In addition to what I’m sure is a great cast, Beth Stelling, one of the funniest and greatest people I know, is co-starring in the ensemble.


This New & Poisonous Air by Adam McOmber. The book comes from an author that I’ve known for about a decade now. He is the influence that got me interested in such extravagantly bizarre pieces of work such as Twin Peaks and Reefer Madness. This book sounds true to his passions from his interview in Timeout Chicago.

Recognize Adam’s name, but can’t remember where you have seen him? Remember that time you were determined to read the Conjunctions, StoryQuarterly, Third Coast, Quarterly West, The Greensboro Review, Arts and Letters and Ascent all in the same day? Author Adam McOmber has appeared in them all!  He has received an AWP Intro Award and has been nominated for two 2012 Pushcart Awards.  In This New & Poisonous Air the combination of history and fiction combine to make an adventure that will take you away. This New And Poisonous Air is available now.


If you’re looking for some of my shows, read other blog posts or check the calendar. If you have an awesome Happening you’d like to tell me about, send me an email. As always, thanks for reading.

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