Summer Loving part 2

In the last “Summer Loving” I announced some of the shows I’m starting this Summer including OutLoud Chicago presents… Barefoot Ballad with Diva Kai. Above is the official flier courtesy Erin Nekervis photography and Like Moyd graphic design. As always, save that date (July 12th.) I will try to get some pre-sale incentives for cheaper tickets and let you know asap.

The following are some awesome things I’ve been lucky enough to come across and wanted to share with you.

First off, an amazing show from a fantastic and talented person that I try to book as often as possible in my shows. The Mo Show–a variety show that focuses on comedy, videos, music and circus acts. If that sounds like a weird combination it’s because it is created by the girl behind “Weird Girl: A One Human Show” Mo Welch. This show was previously hosted in a loft space and always sold out. It makes its triumphant return June 5th at The Annoyance Theater 4830 N Broadway, 9:30pm.

The opener features International Circus Performer Amanda Crockett, Funny man Ken Barnard and sister duo The Puterbaugh Sisters. For more information on the wonderful weird that is The Mo Show, check out or watch this educational video:

Next up, another Chicago-born project but this one can be enjoyed worldwide over the interwebs. Meet Chicago IRL–a magazine that focuses on the activities and happenings of Chicago queer life. The first issue is available online and in select stores in Chicago. As an added incentive to purchasing early, some treats are available such as this custom-made floral lace jockstrap:

In the first issue, they feature an interesting mix of subject matter from gender identity, female empowerment through erotica, radical queer theory and body positivity. Future issues will consistently feature Chicago queer life through collaborations, themes and events.

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