All Geeks: Gotta Catch Em All

adam ashAll Geeks Goes Hunting For Pokemon!

On Friday April 29th, 9 pm, All Geeks: Gotta Catch Em All, An Unofficial Pokemon Party at Berlin Nightclub 954 W Belmont. The night starts with the Berlin Region Tournament where our Elite Four will challenge you to games from “Pin The Tail On The Pikachu” to “Poke-ball Beer Pong” and more from 9 pm to 10 pm. From 10 pm to midnight, Pokemon and trainers will be brought to life with drag, burlesque, live-singing and other surprises in a world-class cosplay variety show hosted by our own Misty, Lucy Stoole with cast-members Alexis Bevels, Jo McQueen, Fox E Kim, Connor Konz featuring Jupiter P. Belle (All Geeks: Des Moines,) and guests Otter Chaos, Electra Cute, Alex Kay and Luka Ghost.

Our Elite Four include Pokemon masters Blake Donaldson, Matt Peters, Jessica Neria and Nick Kern. Challenge the Elite to games and collect badges. The hopeful competitors with the most badges will compete on stage at 10 pm for big prizes from geeky gift certificates to Pokemon plushes and more!

Dress as your inner Pokemon or other characters for prizes on our Cosplay Runway. Photos will be caught by on the runway and at our photo wall. Cosplay Runway judges include Dan Rask and our Elite Four!

All Geeks is an all-inclusive cosplay series created by Adam Guerino with queer social group Geeks Out and live production group Outloud Chicago and in July 2014. Since its inception, All Geeks has gotten bigger by the month, hosted celebrities of geek culture and toured across the country. The show enjoys a monthly residency in Chicago at Berlin Nightclub and has toured from New York to New Orleans. No matter your gender, sexual orientation or ethnic background, all geeks are welcome at an All Geeks party. For more on All Geeks, check out

Follow the party with the hashtag #AllGeeksPokemon on facebook/twitter/instagram and join the facebook event: All Geeks: Gotta Cach Em All! Friday April 29th, 9 pm, Berlin Nightclub, 954 W Belmont. Includes an after party with Cosmix Fridays from DJ Greg Haus til 4am!

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