All Geeks: Saturday Morning Cartoons

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On Friday August 28th, All Geeks celebrates our geeky youth with a cosplay variety show dedicated to Saturday Morning Cartoons! Everyone from He-Man to Pokemon will is coming so show your turtle power and plan your Powerpuff squad goals.

All Geeks is an all-inclusive cosplay series started in Chicago by queer-inclusive production group Outloud Chicago and gay social group Geeks Out in July 2014. Since its inception, All Geeks has gotten bigger by the month, hosted celebrities of geek culture and toured across the country. No matter your gender, sexual orientation or ethnic background, all geeks are welcome at an All Geeks party.

adam guerino, all geeks, chicago, geeks out, outloud chicago, cosplay, queer, variety, drag, burlesque

Come in costume and walk our cosplay runway for big TBA prizes.

Photos will be snapped by Follow the party with the hashtag #AllGeeksToons on twitter/instagram. Or join the facebook group here: All Geeks: Saturday Morning Cartoons.

All Geeks: Saturday Morning Cartoons. Friday August 28th, 10p, Berlin Nightclub, 954 W Belmont. Includes an after party with Multiverse Fridays from DJ Greg Haus til 4am!

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