Piss & Vinegar Comedy Show

adam guerino, trannika rexUp for a night of dignified, family-friendly comedy? Too bad.

Wednesday December 10th at 9pm offers up the first helping of the sordid and scathing new comedy show Piss & Vinegar hosted by creators Adam Guerino* and Trannika Rex**.

piss and vinegar comedy showWith the hilarimazing Candy “Comedy” Lawrence! Years ago, Lawrence began her stand-up comedy career at Berlin Bar & Grille and she returns for one of her last shows in Chicago before becoming AN INTERGALACTIC CYBORG BOUNTY HUNTER!

Featuring the fabulous Puterbaugh Sisters, sass siren Natalie Jose, professional male stripper Mike Lebovitz and white girl historian Joseph William Reese.

12/10/14, 9pm. $5 Cover. $2 PBR. No apologies. Berlin Nightclub 954 W Belmont.

*Real Housewives of Iowa
**How To Catch A Predator

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