Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies: Headliner Brad Loekle

Queer, Comedy, Chicago
For the first profile of our Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies, we’re featuring our celebrity judge and headliner: Brad Loekle!

Brad Loekle appears every Thursday on the highest rated show on TruTv, “World’s Dumbest.” He’s appeared on VH1, MTV, Oxygen, Logo and Here!.TV. He appears regularly on SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s “Morning Jolt,” on OutQ, the nation’s only LGBT radio station. He also runs the longest running gay comedy show in NYC, Shock Therapy and has headlined 8 out of the last 12 Atlantis Events gay cruises and resorts.

When did you first get involved in comedy?

2003 is when I sort of “officially” started doing standup. But I’d been
performing onstage since elementary school and went to college for
Theater, so performing in general has always been in my blood. My
Kindergarden teacher wrote on my report card that with my “larger than
life personality” she had no doubt she’d seen my name “up in lights” some
day. Which I thought was a very sweet way of telling my parents their kid
was gay.

queer, comedy, chicago
Who are your favorite comics and why?

I really love most comedians. It takes an incredible set of balls to get on a stage (with no costumes, scenery, script or supporting cast) and try to make a room full of strangers have the odd biological reaction of laughter. But if you want names of people who really blow me away and make me excited to be a comic myself… well, then, you should check out people like Jessica Kirson, Erin Foley, Adam Lehman & Naomi Ekperigin. They’re names that you might not recognise now, but I damn well guarantee you will within the next few years!

How would you describe your stand up?

I’m naughty, dirty, shocking but with a sort of loveable grin to it all.
Imagine if there had been a hot tub sex orgy in the Autumn of 1977 that
resulted in an illegitimate love child of Phyllis Diller & Paul Lynde, who
was then adopted by Carol Burnett… well that child would be me.

queer, comedy, chicagoWhat made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest at Zanie’s?
(In your case, headline)

I’ve worked with Adam Guerino before and always have a ball, so when he
began all this, we both knew we wanted to get me out to Chicago to do it
at some point. It just seemed to fit everyone’s schedule for now and I
couldn’t be happier. There really is nothing like this for up and coming gay
comics in either New York or LA, so I’m thrilled to see Zanies breaking
ground in this way. Plus it’s always good for me to see what the younger
kids are up to. I need to keep an eye out for any potential “Eve
Harrington’s” 😉

Where can fans go to see more of your work?

They can catch me every Thursday night on TruTV’s “World’s Dumbest” (9PM,
check your local listings). Also we’re in our 4th year of the show… so
you’ll also catch it, drunk, at 3AM most nights! For my gay fans in
particular, I perform a great deal on Atlantis Gay Cruises & Resort
Events. I’ll be on their Baltic Sea Cruise in July. And for links to clips
of my works, silly videos, general tomfoolery, etc people can always go
check out www.bradloekle.com.

For more info on Queer Comedy (Contest) at Zanies, follow this link.

queer, comedy, chicago

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